Product endorsement…


Don’t leave home without it.

Did you know that GERD, and the resulting occasional gas can be exaserbated by stress and anxiety? And that said gas can make one think it’s one’s heart? And that taking malox relieves said gas, and thus, the “symptoms?” I’m just sayin’…

So the stress:

-Malka’s daycare situation is getting better, truly. She still cries and is the loudest one there in terms of screaming, but today she came home with not one, but TWO presents for her mommies! 1) Ba ba ba ba and 2) Daycare germs. And a cough. Which FREAKED us out – it sounded awful. We called the doctor for the first time in ages, and she was so wonderful with me on the phone, and reassured us that yes, it’s a daycare cold, but as long as she’s happy between the coughing fits (which she is) and there’s no fever (just slightly elevated, at 99.9) that she should be fine. She suggested to elevate the head of her bed, so the learning by osmosis has begun, as she now has the Riverside Shakespeare and The Professional Chef under her mattress. We also removed her bumper. Her crib at daycare doens’t have one, nor did the one we used in Portland, and she was fine. And it’s WAY easier to change the crib sheet with that thing gone.

-Mom – the quick version is that I’m now helping her out financially. I’m taking over her rent payments. There’s a whole bunch more stuff there in between the lines, but I honestly do not feel comfortable writing about it on the internet. I just don’t know who reads this, and I’d rather keep that part private. But I can share that it now makes me part of the “sandwich” generation – kids who are taking care of their own parents and their own children at the same time. I secretly kind of hoped it would be later, but that’s OK.

-New Job / Old Job – LOVE the new job – it’s just stressful in the fact that it’s a new job, and there’s a lot to learn. Old job – they called and asked me to come in and help train my replacement… It’s the right thing to do, so I said yes.

-Stupid Stranger comments: if ONE more random person comes us to us and says how chunky or FAT Malka is, I’ll scream! She’s PERFECT just the way she is! TRUST us, people, with all of the body image issues in our house, and my eating disorder history, and my organic cooking self, she’ll be FINE! She’s a BABY.

There’s more, sure, but I just thought I’d give a quick update. I’m sorry that I’ve not been reading many blogs lately, but once I get out of the transition phase of the new job, and once we are more in the swing of things with daycare (or actually, with getting out of the house in the morning – OY! That sitcom is an entirely different post…) I’ll be able to comment more.

But for now, please accept my apoligies, as I go off to bed. at 10:15pm. (I could actually go to bed at 9pm, but there’s too much exciting tv to miss out on)!

9 thoughts on “Product endorsement…

  1. Hi hun, no worries I sure do know what it’s like to be busy and with a baby on your hands it’s very common to just not find the time. Don’t listen to stupid strangers. I only wish ME would get some chunk to her. Malka is a healthy growing baby! So sorry about the daycare cold and issues there. I hope it gets better.

    :hugs: to you!

  2. That’s quite a number of stress factors!

    I hope that it’s OK that I’ve linked to you on my new blog – let me know if not!

  3. good to know- about the malox…
    I was wondering how you were feeling lately.
    BIG hug on the Mom stuff. I can imagine it is pretty overwhelming.
    & seriously- WHO dares say anything about Malka’s beautiful self?? Shame on them! Malka is just as God made her & that is perfect.

  4. That’s a lot going on, hope things quiet down a bit for you soon. And ignore those comments about Malka – she is beautiful and perfect.

  5. I’m so bummed I didn’t get to meet the fabulous Miss Malka and your fabulous selves… next time.

    As far as the chunky comments… I was just visiting my cousin and his incredibly chunky baby. I commented that her older brother, who is a full three years older than she is, weighed only about ten pounds more than she does. Her mom said that he was a chunker too – until he started walking. So I suspect that once serious locomotion starts, Malka will slim down, and in the meantime, I think you should just encourage Malka to slap interferring strangers…

  6. Hey girl-

    Sorry that you’ve been under so much stress right now-I’m sure that it doesn’t help the stomach situation, given what’s going on with your mom and all the changes that are going on in your life right now….

    It’s good to see that the daycare situation is getting better-it’s must be so hard at first, but it seems that Malka Boo-boo is making the transition. Yikes on the cold, though-sheesh!

    I’m glad that the job is going well-how long do you have to go into the old one to train?

    And, as for the stupid strangers, tell ’em to eff off! She’s gorgeous! And, I agree with a pp, once she starts really moving around her body will change. You could always teach her to give raspberries to those offenders, conveniently when she’s got food in her mouth….heh.

    Miss you, girlie-give everyone a smooch from us!

  7. I’m with you on the sandwich gen. stuff. I am actually taking my grandmother to her appts because my mother has COPD. I also take Mom to her appts. And I will help you slap those who call your precious baby names! People!

  8. People used to comment all the time on Thomas weight (and he was a completely breast fed baby – followed by organic food etc etc) but he was huge. Rolls and rolls of him.

    Can I say he is now the tallest in his class by a LONG WAY and a complete streak. In fact last year we worried that he was growing to fast and not eating enough (I had the whole Jewish/Italian mother thing going on ‘ ‘are you sure you don’t want more darling’).

    I kept Thomas away from crappy food and let him eat whatever he fancies off his plate (yes I have had eating issues) and he has the healthiest attitude to food. he loves food – pesto, olives, fruit, pizza made from scratch the Italian way. His favourite thing at the moment? ‘Trees mum, can we have trees?” (that would be broccoli)

    He just does not like ‘kids foods’ and is very contained about sugar (‘can you put this away for later mum I have had enough’).

    Ignore the people who comment on your babies weight – smile and think ‘pot, black, kettle’ or ‘deal with your own shit’

    She will be, in fact she probably already is, perfect!

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