We are in Boston this weekend, as Narda is doing a bit of work on Radio Golf here at the Huntington. She was with the show all over the country, and only left it for a spell when we adopted Malka. This was August Wilson’s final show. The one he had just completed writing when he passed away in October. Narda and August had worked together for over ten years, and they had a very close bond. So this show is very important to her in so many ways… It was left in very capable hands, and the show has a lot of love behind it. Narda’s been acting as Production Supervisor when it was in Baltimore, and now, as it’s in Boston. She’ll be back with the show full time in Chicago, and then bring it in to NJ and NY in the Spring. (Does anyone want to come stay with Malka and I for the five weeks she’ll be in Chicago? Seriously! It could be fun.)

So um, whenever we go away, the FIRST thing that I want to do is go shopping. It’s fun when you’re out of town. So My first purchase today?

Isn’t it cute! It’s great!

It’s bigger than my little leSportsac that’s falling apart, and smaller than my other fabulous bag: ——–>>>>>

(but in green. It’s from Queen Bee creations – a great company in Olympia Washington that makes the bags out of vinyl – so they’re not only waterproof, but non-leather, as well).

OK internets, I have a confession to make. EVER since high school, one of my best frends and I have had a few personal things that we HAD to have constantly updated with the newest and freshest and nifty-est we could get: Pens, coffee mugs, shoulder bags and personal planners. Ayup. Nerds. Sorry internet. I’m a card carrying nerd. I listen to Mugglecast and Pottercast and NPR’s Wait, wait, Don’t Tell Me on my Ipod. The music on there? I use it in the gym. I knit on the subway to work, I read Harry Potter religiously, and one of my favorite childhood memories? Seeing Star Wars with my dad when I was 8.

So, um, yeah. I HAD to have this bag. I first saw the brand in Baltimore, and the fantasy (aka drool) began. THEN Narda’s best friend Lisa had one – Well, the deal was just as well as done. So the EMS store here had them. And they were ON.SALE. I just put all of the things away in it, and it all fits! YEAH!

It’s the little things.

AND, we get to meet one of our internet friends tomrrow. Well, let me clarify – Dora, Erin and I met the LAST time Narda was in Boston, working on a show:

(Please ignore my WAY frizzy hair of 2 years ago…)

But now, we both have kids! And Arden, (Dora and Erin’s daughter) turns ONE! on Tuesday! And Malka just turned 8 months old! On Thursday! It’s WAY too exciting! (hence all of the exclamation points!)

We’ll all be going to the Boston Children’s Museum together, which will be very fun.. And, um, museums have one of my OTHER favorite indulgences when on the road: GIFT SHOPS. Drool and swoon.

So although this has been a working weekend for Narda, it’s been really fun for Malka and I. (even though she has a cold, she’s doing great, and is a real trouper! AND… AND! AND! She was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO good on the train. Narda and I kept wondering who replaced our plane hating screamer with a gentle, well behaved and giggly pumpkin!)

So, I’m off to go have a small glass of wine and watch a little tv. And knit. And enjoy this mini-vacation…

8 thoughts on “Diversions…

  1. Ohhh! I LOVE your new bag – I may just have to get one from that site! I am jealous they were ON SALE! I really enjoy my bag from Queen Bee Creations too – glad to see you found one of my local favorites!

  2. I love that bag – (the red one) I went to the Queen Bee site but that is that black (also very nice but I already have a black bag like that!) I want one!

    Why is it that mini-holidays always feel so long? Is it because they are snuck into real life and you expect them to be quick whereas big holidays always fly by?

  3. We had a great, great time seeing you Shelli, and meeting Narda (finally!!) and of COURSE Miss Malka! What a great day…we’ll come your way next time!

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