Leather, baby!

So we sold our sofa on Craig’s List, and our old Ikea chairs. I’ve been sitting on a dining room chair in the living room for about a week now. We were going to go look at sleeper-sofas on Thursday, but because Malka’s been sick, we didn’t go. Malka and I strolled into Je*nifer Convert*bles today, and BAM! We found our sofa and chairs – and it’s for less than we thought we would end up paying. So we’re thrilled.

It’s comfy, and yes, it’s leather. As Bobby says: “It’ll be good for juice spills down the road.” And I said: “Yes, and for cat puke, too.”

I then realized that it’s the EXACT same sofa set that Bobby has. heh. SO not on purpose. Just coincidence.

(the picture is of Bobby’s living room, not ours – ours has baby stuff ALL over. And built in bookshelves.)

To quote Sue from Pottercast: “SQUEEEEEEE!”

And speaking of our built-in bookshelves and Harry Potter, go give S at Infertility Sucks some good vibes – she goes for her Beta tomorrow, AND has an audition.

And speaking even more of Hary Potter – I’ll be blogging some more Dumbledore and Snape theories soon – keep checking in – I have a wack-job theory, but perhaps unique – and even though Jo herself said at Radio City Music Hall that Dumbledore is in FACT dead, just hear me out… Probably after the Chagim (Jewish High Holy Days) I’ll have some more time to blog, and hopefully to post pictures of the faboo new living room furniture.

2 thoughts on “Leather, baby!

  1. Yea for new furniture! We’ve been looking at leather sofas lately for their spillproofness, but haven’t purchased yet. What a great plan to get rid of the old one first!

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