We all need a hero….

Just finished watching the pilot of NBC’s New show – HEROES.

Wicked cool.

Of course, Narda rolled her eyes. I do the same to most of her shows. But afterall, there’s only so much Law and Order a girl can take, right?

Here’s a link – decide for yourself.


Oh yeah, and Miss Malka Palka Pooka Palka has decided that sleeping on her tummy is WAY cool – much to the anxiety of her eemahot. But at least she looks cute doing it.

5 thoughts on “We all need a hero….

  1. As soon as she learned to roll over, Natalie decided she wanted to sleep on her tummy. Not only that, but she preferred to sleep face down into the mattress. Fun, eh? At least now she’s learned to turn her head to the side. Most of the time. We do a lot of checking to see if she’s still breathing, but I think we’d do that regardless.

  2. hey- do you guys get sundance? There was a series on there a while ago that made me think of BOTH of you: Slings & Arrows.

  3. Noah slept on his side for awhile, but now, rolls over to his tummy and sticks his butt in the air as soon as I put him down in his crib.

    Could you just about die from all the cuteness?

  4. I think that’s why we are so sleep-deprived around here. I am so hell-bent on making her sleep on her back or side and she SOOO wants on her belly. Maybe we’ll relent a little. It just terrifies me…

    Oh, and Heroes was awesome. In my attempt to convince Megan that she wanted to watch it I gave an “amazingly detailed” (her words) recounting of what happened. I don’t think she was impressed…

  5. OMG, is her little tushie up in the air? Sometimes I have to bit Dude’s butt, it’s just so damned cute.

    PS, what happened after Super Hiro ended up in NYC? The Tivo seems to have a space/time continuum problem.

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