Note to self…

If, becuause your baby has a fever, you decide to do hourly check-ups on her, to make sure the Tylenol is working, um, DON’T hiccup.

Poor little Malka Palka Pooka Palka has her first fever. It was 101.5 when I first noticed she was warm. When she was younger, I used to check her temperature ALL the time. Now just every so often. After her temp check, she had a bath, some tylenol and we had Shabbos at home – lit candles, had some wine, (Malka LOVES Shabbat, as she gets a drop of wine from my finger. She hears the Bracha and gets rather excited.) We then hung out in the living room for a bit, where she giggled at Quincy and walked around her activity table. I took her temp again before bed, and it was down to 100.9. She went down pretty easily, at about 8pm.

At 9:15 or so, I wanted to go check on her. So Narda and I sneak into her room, and I put my hand on her chest, to feel movement, as I often do (although it’s harder now, as she sleeps on her tummy with her tush tush up in the air – it’s rather cute!) But I digress… So I put my hand on her back, to feel her movement, and then to feel her head, and I let rip the biggest “hickleburp*” ever! It was all Narda and I could do not to explode in a fit of giggles. MP3 (Malka Palka Pooka Palka)lifted her head, but went back to sleep. We stealthfully snuck back out into the living room, and proceeded to laugh hysterically.

We just woke her up (well, kind-of, she actually bonked her head into her crib and woke her self up a little bit – under normal circumstances, we’d let her soothe herself back to sleep, but we took advantage of the oppoerunity to take her temp and give her some more tylenol and water. It’s now down to 100.4 (Baruch Ha’Shem!) So we just pray that it continues to go down.

*A Hickleburp is a phrase I made up when I was 12 or so. It’s when you have a hiccup that ends in a burp – A hickleburp!

4 thoughts on “Note to self…

  1. Feel better soon MP3!

    I hate when my daughter is feverish. I can never sit still or rest when she is not well.

    Hang in there…

  2. I guess that Tylenol was doing its job if she was feeling silly enough to giggle.

    BTW — I’m still cracking up at the MP3 thing

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