Cruisin for a brusin…

Leather sofa, meet Malka, Malka, meet your path to Eemah.

She’s crusin’ folks – put her at one end of the sofa, and she’ll work her way to my laptop at the other end in about 20 seconds flat. Because she then gets her “reward” – aka, her attempt to hit the keys like Eemah does, and then when she DOES hit one, to look up at me and giggle – like: “Wow! Did you see what I just did? Cool, huh?” Yes, Malka, it is pretty cool, punkin. I also witnessed her walking with holding just ONE finger at daycare. At home, it’s always two.

And ayup, she STILL has a fever – it broke this am, just as we were going to bring her in to the doctor. And she was all giggly again. So we took her to daycare instead. But it went back up again at some random point at daycare. So Narda will bring her in tomorrow.

This is her 4th cold. I’ve done pretty OK with the previous 3, but I’ve been sneezing up a storm with this one. And now have a sore throat. Ah, germs, the gift that keeps on giving.

Do you think there’s a return policy on such a “Gift?” I forgot my receipt.

3 thoughts on “Cruisin for a brusin…

  1. With no receipt, you’ll have to take store credit, although I don’t really know what that means with this metaphore…

  2. No, definately no returns on that “gift”. But, you can always “spread the joy” to others!

    I’d love to see Malka walking around like that! Such glee!

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