Remember when…

You stayed home “sick” from school? Hoping to have complete run of the house and watch tv, play games, and do all kinds of wild child activities? But then your mom “magically” had a day off to take care of you? Or your grandmother (z”l) would come over to make you soup?

And then the days that you were ACTUALLY sick? And wanted someone to be home and take care of you and wait on you hand and foot? And listen to you complain and whine? And then your mom had a meeting she couldn’t get out of, so you were stuck home solo? But just.couldn’t.get.out.of.bed…

As I became a member of the working class, I’ve prided myself on never missing a show, never taking a sick day, and just on occasion, actually using the “personal day.” There was that day in May when I couldn’t get out of bed, due to the rotavirus, but I was on official FMLA leave (taking care of MP3 – aka Malka Palka Pooka Palka) from NYU at that point, so it doesn’t count.

And right now? I’m SO F’ING SICK! Ugh. My poor nose, I have chills and coughing and am generally unwell. And Malka has a double ear infection. And Narda has to teach two classes tomorrow. So tomorrow, I am working from home, and taking a sick day. Where I get to take care of MP3 and maybe, just maybe get a nap in when she naps.

Anyone wanna come over and make me some soup?

4 thoughts on “Remember when…

  1. MP3! So cute!

    If you were in Portland, I would make you soup!

    I can remember being in high school and home sick one day. I called my Grandparents to bring over some more toilet paper, and my Papa, always the joker, showed up at the door with ONE SHEET of TP. He had more in the car, but he was pretty thrilled with himself.

  2. poor dears. i’ve been home sick the past two days too, but i am alone with my germs. i have done the take care of myself & baby while we are both burning up with the flu thing, and it SUCKS. also- why do they bounce back so fast (and thus, you are up chasing) when we have to feel like death days longer??

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