Odds and ends…

First and foremost – I am a LAME ASS FRIEND. Two of my warrior sisters, girls I have known for MORE THAN THREE YEARS through infertility and pain and joys, had birthdays.

And I forgot.

Cat, S – I love you guys, and am SO sorry!

I hope that your birthdays were wonderful, and S, we are waiting and praying and hoping that your joy of joys will come this year.

And on to other bits…

Like many of you, as your blog readership increases, you begin to wonder just HOW much you should publically share? What if the people you wish to share about read your blog? The modern blog has replaced the diary. Or has it? Has self censorship taken over our ability to truly journal? And, if you are in a relationship, how much of your “couple-ness” do you share, so that you may use the blog as a form of self expression, while respecting the privacy of the other part of your couple? Since I tend to love Narda very much, I don’t want to share about our personal stuff with the world wide web. I tend to have few self-inposed limits in terms of what I’m willing to share about myself, but I do have love and respect for Narda. So that’s why you all don’t get to read about the daily life and all of the minutiae of “Chez Hydrangea.” So sorry. I will share, however, that we have established a new rule at “CH” (Chez Hydrangea). BEFORE our morning coffee is consumed, there will be no deep, meaningful conversation allowed; it’s just not fair to two sleep-deprived mommies.

And even more bits…

There’s a REALLY LOUD CAR ALARM going off right now, and if MP3 wakes up because of it, someone’s going to perish a SLOW, painful death! I mean, serisoulsy, people – WHAT is the benefit of car alarms anymore? NO ONE runs out to turn them off! By the time the darn thing DOES turn itself off (after five or more non-stop painful minutes), the good stuff’s already knicked! So really? What’s the point? They no longer deter theft.

And finally, MP3, aka Malka Palka Pooka Palka, is feeling MUCH better, thank you very much – and she wants me to let you know that she’s ready, willing and able to help anyone out who needs to take antibiotics, because, apparantly, they are yummy. I actually touched my tounge to the end of the dropper after giving her the night dose, and WOAH! It’s like the syrup they make orange creamsicles out of – EEK. Her nose is still a little runny, but she seems to be over the worst of it. Me? Not so much. Ugh. Add to that my wonderful cousin Nathan is in town from Portland, and staying with us, which is GREAT! But. We are all staying up WAY late to talk and catch up. And then MP3’s in our room, because her room is also the guest room, and only tonight she got used to sleeping in the pack and play in our room. Last night? she woke up at 11:30 and would ONLY go to sleep on my chest. I was afraid to fall asleep, and Narda, genius woman that she is, brought her carseat into our room, and put it on the bed, between us, where MP3 promptly fell asleep until morning.

Sleep, perchance to dream. I’m off to bed. But I have to go and feed cats, scoop poop, wash dishes and prep bottles for daycare first. Erp. I should get off line!

7 thoughts on “Odds and ends…

  1. On the car alarm note – my car was broken into a couple weeks ago. We don’t have a driveway or garage, so my car is just parked in front of our house. The back passenger window was showered so the dumb thief could steal the diaper bag of the little girl I am taking care of for a couple weeks.

    Anyway, the whole point of my story is, my damn car alrm didn’t go off. So, I agree, what’s the point anymore?

  2. Um, by the way, the window was shattered, not showered.

    But, it is Portland, so the windows are often showered too. Just not in this case.

  3. I tend to just blog about anything, though I do try to preserve some degree of anonymity and I don’t give out my URL to anyone IRL and a select few online friends. If people find me, they find me. If I’m bitching about them, tough 😉 I blog for *me* not for anyone else.

    There are plenty of things in my blog that identify me, but a lot of them are things that a lot of people don’t know about in the first place.

    I MUST email you re: Avonex, it’s an issue that’s come to the surface again very recently.

  4. Um…..you are NOT a lame-ass friend. You’re busy, and that’s normal, considering you’re juggling family and work. So, don’t worry about it……

    Glad that MP3 is feeling better, and hope that your cold is working its way through…..Is MP3 dressing up for Halloween?

  5. You raise really good point about what to blog and what not to blog. So far TGF and I have been pretty loose, though I do not blog about any of our deeper issues, and if it is about *us* versus about *me* (for example recent posting about baby stuff) I usually don’t write about it. Besides she has her own blog, she can blog her side if she chooses. It is a very tricky line. Also, my mom reads my blog so while I could choose to let than inhibit me, I don’t but then again she and I have a very unique, fairly open relationship. She is learning a lot about me though ;-). I actually didn’t give her my blog addy, she got there through emails with TGF who puts her blog link at the bottom of her emails. I decided to live with it.

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