C is for Cougie!

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C is for Cougie!, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

Photo Friday – C is for ____

I chose Cougie – he’s TWO c’s in one!




I LOVE my Cougie-bear. He was Narda’s mom’s cat, and he, along with Juno, came home with us two summers ago after she passed away. He’s a pain in the ass, and our lives will be much easier when he’s gone to the rainbow bridge, but I love this little cat to bits, despite his peeing, pooping, and puking in ALL of the wrong places. He KNOWS he has me wrapped around his little 14 year old paw, and I’ll admit here folks, I’m “Pussy” whipped…


He’s cute as all get out, and really loveable. Just a little “special,” if you catch my drift. For example, he LOVES being petted, but then gets overwhelmed and will turn to bite you. Now he’s 14 years old, and his bites don’t hurt at all, but still. He will also do his best to pee IN the litter box, but to him, it’s just so “un-refined” that he barely goes in, and ultimately, misses, and we just have to clean the rug that the litter box is on anyway. He also poops in the shower. And his nickname USED to be “Sir Pukes-a-lot.” But he’s on 5 mg prednisone every other day and now he’s just kind of “sir Pukes-sometimes.” We put a golf ball in their dry food – it’s supposed to slow him down with the eating thing, resulting in less pukage.

Oh yes, and because of the puking and peeing and pooping thing, we have a big ole plastic shower curtain on the bed, with a little rug down at the bottom for him. Juno has now taken over the little rug thing, and Cougie-bear has taken over my pillow, bless his little furry heart.

So my Photo Friday post is my homage to my Cougie-Cougs. Even though Narda reminds me that his name is Cougar, and it drives her nuts when I call him Cougie…

One thought on “C is for Cougie!

  1. Cougie is so cute! And the way you describe him reminds me of my dear cat, Bruce, who we always considered to be kind of “special” too.

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