So um, did I mention that there will be only FOUR (4) adults, one baby, and three (3) poultry loving cats at our house on Thursday, and, um, I’m making a 22 pound turkey.

I usually reserve the bird weeks in advance. But, MP3 keeps us on our toes. So off to Whole Foods (aka, whole paycheck) we go on Saturday for a little shopping adventure (most everything else came via Fresh Direct – ah, the bliss of grocery delivery services!). MP3 LOVES LOVES LOVES to go in the shopping cart – it’s closer to eye level with Eemah, and she can giggle all she wants, and play with the stuff behind her. Plus, I can keep an eye on her mood, and hand her rice cakes should she get close to a meltdown.

So I DO NOT RECOMMEND going to Whole Foods the SATURDAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING. BAD IDEA. But we went, none the less. And there were just about three (3) free-range, antibiotic-free turkeys left. 10, 12 and 22 pounds. I don’t know HOW to make a bird less than 18 pounds, so I got the 22 pounder, and figured that “Uncle” Bobby and “Auntie” Jeannette would be thrilled to have turkey sandwiches all next week, too. Because I DO NOT KNOW how to cook for less than 20 people at a time. I’m a Jewish mother (Oh MY GAWRSH, I can’t believe I just said that – wow, I’m having a moment here), who inherited my Bubbe’s z”l soul in so many ways, especially in the kitchen. It was always my fantasy to write a cook book-cum-mini-novel entitled: “A little bit of this, and a little bit of that; recipes and stories from the old country.” And I just may do it someday, too…

So here’s Thursday’s menu:
One 22 pound, brined turkey, with rosemary and olive oil stuffed skin
Wild Rice, raisin and mushroom stuffing
Collard greens
Fried peas and mushrooms
Butternut squash
Roasted red potatoes with olive oil, Zatar and garlic
Velma’s z”l candied Yams
LOTS of wine
Bobby’s bringing dessert, and Jeannette’s bringing this AWESOME casserole she calls: “Broccoli and cheese white trash casserole.” It’s TO DIE FOR.

What are you having? And are you cooking, or going somewhere?

Now pardon me, but I have to go and cut mushrooms and make a stuffing and pick up a baby from daycare…

9 thoughts on “Turkey-riffic!

  1. We were supposed to host, then Dora’s mom decided she wanted to (she told us on Saturday), so we’ll just go with it.

    mashed potatoes
    mashed sweet potatoes
    mashed turnip
    mashed squash (clearnly, they’re big, big fans of mashed starches in this fam)
    asparagus with garlic butter sauce
    cranberry sauce
    I have no clue what else.

    Our contribution — cranberry-cheddar box; pumpkin pie; pumpkin gooey cake.

    Happy Turkey Day!!!

  2. Ha! AJ is the same way, BIG food only.
    Thanksgiving is actually the smallest big holiday with her family, probably since most people don’t like who hosts it! There will be about 55 people there, plus guests (anywhere from 5-15 who just randomly show up) and there will be 2 big turkeys and a ham, as well as about 20 boxes of macaroni (lots of kids), 10 pies, 15ish pounds of potatoes, gravy with and without eggs (blech), some random green creation by Elaine, and lots of bread and liquor.

  3. My mom and I are cooking for 20 people or so. (maybe more…my brother keeps inviting people everyday…)

    Turkey (1 BBQ’d , 1 in the oven)
    Mashed Potatoes and gravy
    Brussel Sprouts
    Cranberry Jello and Cran Relish
    Cranberry bread
    Pumpkin Pie and Raisin/Walnut Pie
    LOTS of cut up raw veggies

    Hopefully we will have enough turkey leftover to make tamales on the weekend. We will see…

    Happy Turkey Day to you and your family!

  4. My cousin’s in NJ… (yay cute baby relatives) and I will be bringing a pie. His wife is an awesome cook and even letting me do that is a huge concession from her!

  5. Broccoli and cheese white trash casserole…HAHAHAA!!

    We are going to hubby’s parents house. There will be lotsa turkey, stuffing, this killer sweet potato casserole (loaded with crumbly pecan/brown sugary goodness on top!), peas, corn, mashed taters, cranberry sauce, gravy, and lotsa pies and stuff. Mmmm.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. We’re going to my mom’s – there will be about 18 people there, including Cait’s mom and her partner who are coming with us. We’ll have:

    2 turkeys (one smoked, one roasted)
    *Cornbread stuffing (with vegetarian sausage in it)
    2 other kinds of stuffing
    Mashed potatoes
    *Savory mashed sweet potatoes
    White trash green bean casserole
    Corn pudding
    *Chocolate cake (it’s my brother’s birthday)
    Whole wheat rolls

    I’m bringing the starred items. It’s not Thanksgiving if I don’t do some cooking, but I tried to scale back, what with the baby and all. Mmmmmmmmm.

  7. Well, since I’m Canadian, our Thanksgiving was in October…however, all this talk about food has convinced me to cook a turkey on the weekend up here in the great white north.

    Enjoy your dinner and Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. We are going to E’s family in Middle of Nowhere, VA. Today we will make 2 apple pies and 2 pumpkin pies. As I type, the crusts are chilling in the fridge. There will be around 16 folks there, and a couple of them are strapping lads who can EAT.

    1 deep fried turkey (EWWW! I know.)
    1 roasted turkey with basic american stuffing out of the box.
    + baked vegetarian stuffing
    sweet potato casserole, with pecan crumble
    mashed potatos
    white trash green bean casserole
    green salad
    brie & apple appetizer thingies
    copious wine
    E’s dad’s famous bourbon sour
    and our pies with ice cream and/or cool whip

    I think that is all but I might be wrong.

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