You give me fever….

Ugh. The last time MP3 had a fever, it was an easily diagnosed double ear infection.

Poor boo has had a fever for 2 days, and it JUST spiked at 104.0. The doctor thinks it’s a viral cold – I PRAY that’s it. I just got it down to 103.3, but it’s still getting me freaked out.

I’m glad I started the lexapro yesterday, because even though there’s only a tiny, eensy, weensy bit in my system, I am just slightly aware that the universe isn’t going to actually self implode right over our house.

I’m still freaked the fuck out, much to Narda’s chagrin (she now has the dual responsibility of not only her own worry about Malka, but now she gets to worry about me worrying…), but I’m not as freaked out as I could be.

If that makes sense.

I have felt a bit “loopy” about four hours after taking the lexapro in the am, but with Malka’s recent fever issue, I’m not as in tune with my body right now, because I’m so in tune with hers…

One thought on “You give me fever….

  1. Hang in there. We just finished the 2-day fever today. My ped said the same thing–no ear infection, but likely a viral infection. Evelyn had it Thurs & Fri with a final spike of 104 at 2am Sat. I treated it with tylenol, and she’s been as good as new for over 24 hours. Hopefully MP3 has the same thing and is just finishing it up.

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