Ugh – I’m at work, Narda just called, Malka just woke up, and her temp is 104.8. She DID take her bottle, and her motrin. She’s off to the doctor anyway at 2pm for her next antibiotic shot, but oh my goodness, there’s not much more to send an eemah’s heart into a panic spin than a temp report of 104.8!

She’s currently sitting in a diaper only, windows open, and will head for the bath soon if she doesn’t take her waffle. (she LOVES her waffles…) But she’s been really good about taking fluids, and she’s getting congested, so G-d willing, this is just a bad, bad, viral cold, and nothing more – I pray, pray, pray that this is the case…

3 thoughts on “104.8

  1. It’s nothing more. It’s nothing more.
    I’m a pro at the ER and waiting game, and my experience is that they always scare the fuck out of you with the worst possible scenario that they can think of (that almost never pans out) because it’s better to be relieved afterwards.
    It’s something minor, I’m sure. She’ll be okay and you’ll have a few more wrinkles to tack onto her. She will be okay. They would not have sent her home if they didn’t think so, okay?

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