Back from the ER…

So after Malka woke up from her nap, at about 3pm, her fever went up to 104.0 Erp. So off to the ER we go. (Per her doctor’s orders).

I have two words to say to ANYONE that has to go to a hospital: “Teaching Hospital.” And for those of you that live in NYC? NY Presbyterian – associated with the Weil Cornell Medical College. There’s a hospital two buildings down from us, but truth be told? There’s something to be said for a teaching hospital that has its OWN Pediatric ER. We got there by 4pm, and were being seen by 4:15pm.

We had a resident, a doctor, an intern, and then when our lovely resident had to leave for the day at 7:00pm, but didn’t walk out until well after, because she wanted to finish up testing for MP3, she was replaced by another lovely doctor. The nurses were all spot on, and actually listened to ALL of my panic-filled questions, and the doctors took their time with us. We had a private room in the ER. Which may have actually been for the benefit of all of those IN the ER, because, well, MP3 has a really really really good set of lungs. And now, sadly, if you wear a stethascope and come near her, she’ll show you just how good they are. We do think today may have ruined her for doctors in white coats with stethascopes. If you do NOT have on the white coat, she may not scream. But add the white coat AND the stethascope? And it’s screamsville.

They took blood, and the poor boo had a cathetar put in so they could take urine. I kept telling Malka to do one of her famous pishies like she does when I change her diaper at home, you know the one – where you undo the dipaer, and wooooosh! – But she wouldn’t listen. So mommy and I had to hold her down – me on the upper half, Narda on her lower half while they inserted the cathetar. Narda and I were singing to her, but it really didn’t do much other than to calm US. She was VERY clingy to me, and had a few more bottles than normal today, but my GOSH is that kid a trouper. She’d settle down for a bit after someone was done poking her, and she even gave a smile or two to a few folks who were smitten by her cuteness.

After they took blood and urine, we had to wait for about an hour while they checked it out. We dimmed the lights, and tried to get Malka to go to sleep. She did snuggle for a bit, and snooze, but only for about 35 of the 75 or so minutes we waited. When they came back, I started to feel my panic and anxiety sweep over me like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It felt like a burning sensation sweeping over my chest, and was only diminshed when the nurse came in and REASSURED me that there was a LESS than 1% chance that it was a blood infection…

So they ruled out RSV and pneumonia, but her WBC (white blood cell) count was 20,000 – a bit higher than they like, so they are also doing a culture of her blood and her urine, to make sure that there is NO bacteria in there. (It was the Possibility of a blood infection that sent my panic and anxiety in motion to full speed ahead.) I asked in as many ways possible HOW she could get a blood infection, what it means, etc. But it was the nice nurse lady who later said it was really rare, but since it was dangerous, they were giving her the super antibiotic shot. Hell, I’m all for that. After the antibiotc shot, we had to wait around for another half an hour, just to make sure there were no side effects or reactions, and then they came in and confirmed what we had suspected – that her fever had broken, thank G-d! So we came home. She fell asleep in the cab, and is happily sleeping now, a bit drunk on a little excess formula.

So Narda’s home with her tomorrow, and taking her to our doctor for her shot follow up, and then if she’s fever free tomorrow, she can go back to daycare on Tuesday. Or I stay home with her if necessary. And we get the culture results back on Tuesday, too.

Just keep her in your thoughts, OK? OK, this tired Eemah is off to bed…

8 thoughts on “Back from the ER…

  1. Hope the super antibiotic shot does the trick, and that MP3 is feeling better soon! The hospital and staff sound wonderful. I drive a little extra to a teaching hospital too – and have always been fortunate to have a good experience (well, as good as you can get considering where you are!)

  2. Hugs all around! I’m glad the fever broke and hope she’s back to her bouncy self very soon.

    Hang in there, eemahs!

  3. Did they do the booger test? If so I’ll bet ya it’s adnovirus. Dylan’s had it twice – basically it’s a cold with a really high fever. Scary as hell I know as we have been to CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) with it twice – one time they admitted Dylan (105.5) and the other they just brought his fever down and discharged him.

    {{{{HUGS}}}} to your sweet daughter.

  4. Thanks all – she only had a 99.6 this am, and is back asleep, and so is Narda.

    Yup, they swabbed her nose, and it came back negative for RSV – not sure about an adnovirus, hwoever. We’re hoping it is just that, a viral cold.

    She started with the congestion this am, which, ultimately, is a good sign. Because if the fever continued, and there was NO congestion? We’d worry more about a possible blood infection. So BRING ON the congestion!

  5. Oh wow. When Malka decides to run a fever in sympathy, she really goes all out!

    I’m glad that her fever is still down. And I’m glad that she doesn’t have a blood infection. I’m terribly sorry about the cold, though. I’m about ready to put Julia in a bubble to keep her from getting sick again, once MP3 recovers, she’s welcome to join Julia in the bubble for a playdate!

  6. Oh I’m so sorry about all this! We went to the children’s hospital up there for Picchi’s surgery, and it’s a great place (for a hospital). You’ll be in my prayers. I hope the munchkin feelss better very soon!!!

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