Bring it on down…

One wonderful thing the ER told us was that due to, erm, Malka’s “healthy” size, we could actually give her MORE ibuprofin than we had been. When we actually gave her the appropriate dose, her fever was down within an HOUR. Baruch Ha’Shem.

Her fever has settled in at a comfy 100.4-101.2 level all day. She is, however, still miserable, and STILL hates doctors. We have a stethascope at home, so I brought it out for her today to play with before we went to the doctor’s office. I put it in her ears, and kept saying “I love you,” into the amplifier part. She’d take it out, but not after being intrigued. She also found that chewing on the amplifier part was pretty fun, too. This really helped us out at the doctor’s office, as it made her a little less screamy when the doctor’s stethascope came out. She got another dose of antibiotic shot, one in each leg, at the same time, and took a decent nap when we came home.

She’s eating, and drinking, but she’s also just as worn out from all of this as we are. We are all pretty pooped. She was ready for bed at 6pm, but I was able to hold her off until about 6:30, poor thing. I think I’ll be shortly behind her, just after I do dishes, feed the cats, scoop the poop, and catch up on a bit of work that I thought I’d be able to get to today, but didn’t, because I had a sick, clingy baby all day…

We’ll have the culture results tomorrow, and our doctor will call us with the results, but the snot started today. I don’t think I’ve EVER been SO happy to see snot and mucous! Basically, this just affirms a stronger potential for “just a nasty viral cold.” We’ll take that ANY day over the other, scarier possibilities…

5 thoughts on “Bring it on down…

  1. another good tip is to not bother with the infant drops at all- just move to the “Children’s Motrin” and base the dosage on her weight. this dr. sears page is what i usually use to calculate dosage for j: scroll for dosage chart. glad to hear malka is sleeping it all off now- pobrecita mija & mommies!


  2. I’m glad her fever is coming down and that the snot has appeared. Coincidentally, Pacchi woke up this morning with a 104.9 temp! It was so weird, because I’d read your previous posts right before I went to bed last night… hey, can you catch something through the internet? 🙂 Anyway, my whole family has a cold right now, so we are confident that that accounts for the high temperature. Still, I was a bit alarmed and called the doctor. Pacchi was clingy and sleeping all day, while Picchi crawled all over us, whining for attention. Good times! I hope Malka continues to recover and that the test results are good. This mom thing is not so easy sometimes, eh?

  3. hope Malka continues to get better & that the Mommies can catch up on some sleep SOON!

    by the way- fulling having the loopy thing today. Thanks for the headsup.

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