Apparently, Malka does NOT "do" cold…

So the other day, the coldest one of the year thus far, I’m walking Malka to day care – she’s all bundled up, even with a blanket over her, and the wind guard in place. Half way there, she starts SCREAMING at the top of her lungs, full on tears, the works. I sing to her, laugh with her, stop the stroller and check on her, give her half of a rice cake (which stops the crying for a few seconds), and decide to carry her for a bit, so I pull her out of the stroller, where she CONTINUES to cry – this NEVER happens. She then does this weird thing where she curls her tongue and inhales short, quick gasps of air, all while still crying. I’m now thinking that I’ll have to use daycare as a base while I wait for the ambulance to take her to the ER. I’m TOTALLY freaking out.

We get in, Malka’s screaming, and the director says, “Oh, she must not like the cold.” I say that “there’s something wrong with my baby.” In a slightly agitated tone. I get Malka out of her jacket and outerlayers, and bring her into her room, still thinking I might have to bring her into the ER. She’s still crying, but is at least crying a bit less. I whip out her bottle, sit down, and give her the bottle. She calms down enough to drink it, and I stay there until she finishes it.

About halfway through the bottle, she looks up, and giggles and grins. Her cheeks have regulated to room temp.

The director was right. Malka does NOT like the cold. I went and got a snow suit for the ride home. She was MUCH happier.

I quietly apologized to the Director for my tone…

2 thoughts on “Apparently, Malka does NOT "do" cold…

  1. The minute we hit the outside, Dude starts snorting like a little pig, and continues until we get inside. But it’s not quite snorting, more like backward gasping, if that makes sense. My belated point: he doesn’t do cold, either.

    He totally picked the wrong place to live.

  2. Holy giant blog spam! You and Jen both….

    Anyway, it sounds like Malka is a girl after my own heart. I hate the cold. Only when dressed for the Arctic am I willing to be outside in winter.

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