It makes me just a little verklempt…

So today, we met with Malka’s Birth Mom. “Birth Mama V.” as we refer to her with Malka. Her “Tummy mommy,” and we are her “heart mommies.” Malka grew in Birth Mama V’s tummy, but she also grew in our hearts. It was to hang out with them both, and with V’s friend J, who is one of the few people who knew about the pregnancy.

V gave Malka this neat doll, which she promptly (as if on cue) kissed. The doll then said “I love you.” In a cool, yet, eerily odd “Chucky-esque” way, complete with kissing sounds… I hope the doll continues to be a source of joy for Malka, and if the batteries ever start to fade, I hope I can replace them. Because the LAST thing we need is for this doll to start saying it in a weird, 45 on 77 speed kind of way. But it IS really cute, and it’s a non-white doll, and just the right size for Malka to “smoosh” and give Nisheekot (kisses) and Hebookim (hugs) to. She also gave her an ADORABLE Elmo and Zoe sweat suit outfit, and a darling dress. We can’t WAIT for MP3 to walk, as she’ll really look MUCH cuter in her clothes when she’s walking.

I got some REALLY Great pictures, but for privacy purposes, I won’t even post them on Flickr. So you’ll have to stop by the house to see them, or ask me to send you one the old fashioned way – via the post office.

We could have hung out with V and J all day, but time eluded us. We get to see them at our home agency now, instead of at the Long Island office, which is great, and SO much closer. We’ll see them again in March.

We can’t wait.

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