Necessary Improvements

About a week ago, just around Malka’s birthday, we noticed that our fridge wasn’t getting as cool as it used to. And there was a weird dripping thing going on in the back. But we just figured that the fridge was crowded with stuff for her birthday party.

And then it continued to get not cold, and almost warm. We went and checked the warranty, and wouldn’t you know it. The warranty expired in NOVEMBER. Funny that. We spoke to our super, who said that a few folks had also had the same problem in our building. He thinks that the fan blew. I can only assume that the developer got a deal on some lame-ass fridges, and we were the loser recipients.

I’ve always coveted a stainless-steel bottom freezer fridge, and we figured that since the warranty on our current fridge had expired, and the cost of a repair person would be half the price of a new fridge, that we’d just indulge ourselves with a new one. Ultimately, anything we do to the apartment will likely up it’s re-sale price, so it’s all good.

Behold the new lovelyness that is en-route to our apartment as we speak, and I’m secretly glad that we overpaid our cat-sitter (because of sir pukes-a-lot), since she’ll have to deal with it upon its arrival…

(please note that ours does not come with the water dispenser, but you get the idea…)

6 thoughts on “Necessary Improvements

  1. Nice! Wierd about the yellow/green theme they’ve got going on with the display food though. Also, thanks so much for the cute Hannukah card, everyone who’s seen it comments on how cute Malka is 🙂

  2. Dude. Did you take a magnet along to make sure the front is magnetic so you can put MP#’s art on it in a year or so? ‘Cause our shiny stainless fridge? Only the sides are magnetic, and we only have access to half of one side. You can imagine the clutter.

    Oh, Chicago. How I miss thee. Give her a smooch for me, huh?

  3. I am terribly jealous. We have a horrible side by side that came with our rental. I cannot stand SbS fridges! I’m going to the corner to sulk now.

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