It’s national de-lurking week!

Come out, come out wherever you are…

I get about 250 hits a day, and I’d LOVE to know who you are! So pull up a chair, take a sip of your coffee (or whatever your beverage of choice is) and say howdy!

I’ll come say hi to you, too.

42 thoughts on “It’s national de-lurking week!

  1. Hi Shelly! I’ve commented a couple times, but I think I mostly read and run.

    I have a blog, but dont update much at all.

  2. I am a pregnant, Jewish woman living in Brooklyn. I love mommy blogs but usually feel alienated on some level because there are hardly any Jewish mommies out there writing to whom I can relate. I really enjoy your writing and your daughter is beautiful. Thanks for putting yourself out there. – Ester

  3. aw, thanks everyone! It’s nice to get warm fuzzies every now and then!

    (and a bonus 10 points to whomever can tell me where “warm fuzzies and cold pricklies” come from!

  4. Well, I’ve been coming here since your TTC journey on FF, what was it, 4 years ago? WOW time flies.

    I’m a fellow New Yorker and friend, what can I say? I want to make sure you’re ok and that your beautiful little girl is ok too.


  5. HI,
    I’m Heatherg.
    I’ve been reading for a little over a year. I never comment.
    I’m delurking. And frankly, I dont even remember HOW i got hooked?

    I read your blog because your family is on the opposite spectrum of ours and I like to hear about how the other half lives. lol

    Malka is beautiful….. and ya know, you could post more pics of her!! She’s growing so fast!

  6. Well, since many of you know that I read the blogs of J’s friends (without commenting – goodness, I’m such a voyeur!), and it being delurking week and all……. Hi. 🙂 S (wife of littlestpea)

  7. waving hello from Munchkinland. You know, I’m not sure how I found my way here the first time….but I think it had to do with Harry Potter.

  8. Hi there! I’ve commented a few times, but not much lately. I’ve been really busy at work these days.

    Love seeing pics and hearing stories of your baby! She’s too cute!

  9. TA for Tots!!
    My goodness, I haven’t thought of that book in forEVAH.
    and I just googled it and found out what the heck “TA” stands for. Who knew?

    So, yeah, hi. 🙂

  10. Hi Shelli

    I know that you don’t see me too much anymore…but I love reading your blog to see how everyone is doing.

    I think about you often!

    Smooches 🙂

    Alexis (ff & fertility family)

  11. Hi. I am delurking as requested. I am a lesbian bay area, cali girl who is on Fertility Friend and have followed your adoption story through this blog… I am still TTC… and love to hear about your lives and that cutest little baby. 🙂 Cheers. Whitney

  12. Hola. I am delurking too. I know/knew you from FF (I am sarahess over there), but neither of us spend much time on the DS board any more. I don’t comment very often because by the time I catch up with posts it already seems a bit late to comment. And, well, I’m lame, you know.


  13. Hi,
    I remember you from Fertility Friend and have followed your journey to mommyhood..You have a beautiful little girl and I’m so happy for you! I enjoy reading your blog, you have a great writing style!

  14. I’m a lurker! I’ve been following your family since FF days. I’ve followed your ups and downs to parenthood and am so happy for your family!

    Just today I met my son who DH and I are adopting through our Foster Care system, so I’m in the process of adding a fourth child through adoption!

    I love the pictures of Malka!

  15. I don’t think I’m a lurker, exactly though I don’t comment much.

    And I know I”m not the first but I definitely remember the warm fuzzies and cold pricklies book!!

  16. I’m a lurker! I dont have a blog. I followed you here from a link on FF, I believe. I followed your adoption journey and just kept coming back! :0)

  17. Lurker without my own blog here too. I also followed you over from FF and I enjoy your blog because it’s so honest and real. It brightens my day to read about two people who love each other so much and want to share that love and joy with a child. Thankfully, you got that chance. All babies should be so loved, wanted and raised by such remarkable, compassionate, interesting people.

  18. Delurking to say hi! I have no idea how I found your blog, but I love reading your stories. I’m glad Malka’s feeling better.

  19. Not really a lurker, but I know I account for at least one of your hits every day. It has been great reading your tales as a mom, and your other commentary of course too,

  20. I am Lucía from Madrid, Spain. I am a lesbian mother and I publish children’s books. My web page only gets about 50 sessions on good days, so I’m impressed by yours!!

    I have a lot of family blogs I visit from time to time. Some are gay and lesbian families, some families formed through adoption, some families with disabled members. I visit them irregularly.

    My wife-to-be and I have a 2yo daugther through adoption who has a small temporary handicap. We had a son who died on March 2006 at 4 yo.

    I usually come in, take a little look and move on.

  21. Shelli, I stop by when I have the time, not too often, but your blog is about the only one I check on a regular basis! Love ya chick!


  22. Hi it’s Tracy (Lil Jimmi) from FF. I check in every once in awhile on my old FF Peeps.
    Our blog is:

  23. A DC Jew(ishles)bian here. Maybe I read Mommyblogs as a look into the future? Mostly I like to see families create themselves- its a phenomenal process.
    Good Luck getting to CHItown. Cuddles to Malka.

  24. You know I’m here! I also realized that for some bizarre reason I never linked to you, so I added you this afternoon.

  25. I haven’t commented in ages either, but I am a very regular reader!
    Love hearing all about MP3s exploits, and how motherhood is for you. xxx

  26. You knew me as Jane on F.Friend. I still read ’cause you guys have a happy ending and I love hearing about MP3.

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