Because you asked…

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WATER!, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

So in case you haven’t noticed, we don’t really post any pictures of Miss MP3 here for the public. This is to protect her privacy, but also the privacy of her birthmom, who never told her family about the pregnancy. As Malka grows and begins to look more and more like a little child, we can see elements of her birthmom in her, and it’s stunningly beautiful.

We DO have TONS of pictures of her up on flickr, all marked private for friends and family – so if I know you, and you want to see pictures of her, and you’re not already marked as a friend or family, just drop on by

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture, as it really tells a story – she’s wearing the smallest jacket they had, and she couldn’t STOP staring at all of the big kids, and then she tried to imitate them. It was so heart-stopping cute, well, I just wish you coulda’ been there.

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