Seeking ideas.

So we’re looking to do a weekend getaway on the weekend of February 11th. (Narda will seriously have NO other time until oh, May, so we want to do a quick family escape.) We want a one train trip – like to somewhere “slightly” upstate NY, or Long Island, or Connecticut – Boston and DC are just a wee too far for our purpose right now (even though we’d LOVE to go!) But we want something family friendly, and close by, but at least an hour away…

Any ideas?

6 thoughts on “Seeking ideas.

  1. Shelli,
    We brought the twins to The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk (in CT) and also the Children’s Museum. The aquarium was pretty nice (with huge turtles, sharks, jelly fish and a lot more) and you can get there by Metro-North (1 hour ride).


  2. you can check out Metro North for getaway packages to points upstate. This is more of an adult thing but I sent adults to Rockefeller estate and Caramoor

  3. There’s a great Family Resort in upstate, NY. Greenville to be exact. It’s a great place!

    Also, If you’re interested, The Vagina Monologues is playing off-broadway on February 17th in Manhattan. Tickets are $20.

  4. Philadelphia’s not that far! There’s the zoo (if it warms up again), and the Smith playhouse, and the please touch museum.

    I was also going to reccomend New Hope.


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