Because I just love to embarrass myself…

So this week’s Photo Friday Theme was “Bad hair.” Most of us picked the 80’s. Because you know, it was SO easy to find bad hair photos.

I present for you, three of my favorite REALLY bad hair photos. This first one was a VERY happy day for me – it’s the day I met Hope from Days Of Our Lives. 1983.

This next one is from 1982, I’m opening my Chanukah gift – it’s a record player. The plastic kind – with plastic speakers. My glasses were also part of the early generation progressives. Except they never knew when to be clear. I was very happy about my present.

This last one is from my 13th birthday party – it was a surprize party my mom threw for me. (which explains why some of the girls were more like acquaintances than friends, but I digress…) It looks like a Farrah Fawcet convention – note the amount of feathered hair.

Oh yeah, I’m the one lying down, head on my arm…

5 thoughts on “Because I just love to embarrass myself…

  1. You and I are twins, separated at birth.

    This may just be the motivation I need to take some digital pictures of my super-embarassing early teen pictures, including one where I look exactly like you at your birthday party.

  2. Hee hee, these are great. I think I had almost identical glasses at that age. And I’m pretty sure I had the Esprit shirt I see on a few of your friends. And I know I had the feathered hair! Ahhhh, now all I need is some legwarmers.

  3. hehehe too funny on the 80’s photos! I do like the first photo a lot. I had huge glasses too back then, they were hideous and always fell down on my little nose!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I love 80’s hair. It is so funny to look back at all those pictures and think man what was I thinking back then. Glad you shared them.

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