Kinda famous…

OK, so before I became an Eemah and Administrator extraordinaire, I was a stage manager. I worked with such cool folks as The Flaming Idiots, Priscilla Lopez, and the Awesome Folks at Playwrights Horizons; which I still love so dearly, that I stage manage one of their in-house benefits annually.

It was during one of my “PH” adventures that I worked on a show called: Recent Tragic Events. It was with a director that I adore and worked with often, and it was at a venue that I loved. It also starred Heather Graham, and one of my other tasks was escorting her out the back of the theatre to avoid the wackos that wanted her autograph. And not the nice wackos, either. The creepy ones with comb-overs that sell pictures on e-*ay.

I’m sure she doesn’t remember me in the least, because, after all, she never returned the Christmas cards I sent, but that’s neither here nor there. She’s now in a new movie, and on the movie’s webpage, it mentions the show! (just click on the “cast” and click on her, and it will take you to her bio. It’s mentioned at the very bottom – but it’s there!)

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