Real tears…

As some of you may know, I fell in love with a little white kitty in Japan who I only knew from Flickr.

She lived in a home with many wonderful, spirited cats, and a man who loves cats more than me! His name is (on Flickr, anyway) “Junko.”

Hime (which means “Princess” in Japanese), was recently diagnosed with a heart condition, and she passed away last night.

My heart is breaking for him, and I’m crying real tears, as if I had lost one of my own cats.

It may be silly, but she was very real to me, and I adored her so.

If you care to, please go and send Junko some love…

3 thoughts on “Real tears…

  1. I am going to miss her cute little face so much! I blogged about it too.

    All the felines in this house got some extra lovin’ today. *sigh*

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