Time, time, time, see what’s become of me…

I used to think that Daylight Savings Time was a Joke, messing with mother nature, a sham created by “the man.”

But then Malka came into our lives.

I get it now, I SO get it. It was BLISSFUL to pick Malka up from daycare today and for it to STILL BE LIGHT outside.

I’m Daylight Savings Time’s newest and biggest fan!

3 thoughts on “Time, time, time, see what’s become of me…

  1. I KNOW! Wasn’t it great?

    I could have taken Julia for a walk through the neighborhood or to the park, or if we’d cleaned up our yard from winter yet she could have played out there.

    It was so nice. Made me feel a bit less like all I do on the weekdays is sleep, work, and drive my kid to and from daycare.

  2. Funny, I was going to write a post yesterday about how much I HATE the time change! But that’s because I just got used to riding to work in the light and now it’s dark, but the clincher is BEDTIME! Little miss Helen is now much less likely to go to sleep early, but oh well, I guess it would happen eventually anyway. I think also in NYC you are closer to the eastern edge of the time zone, so you probably need more light at night. We’re light until 7:30 pm here now!

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