Here we go again…

All I can say is that Malka, at least, has been (knock wood, spit, spit, keynahora, toss salt, etc.) realitively healthy for the past few weeks. Mild congestion, a runny nose here and there, but we (Baruch Ha’Shem), seem to have moved passed the scary stuff that plagued our house all those recent months ago.

What seems to have happened, however, is that the bugs, germs and viruses that USED to plague Malka have now started to plague US.

That’s right. I’ve had a “mild cold with sinus action” for a while now, and this morning, I ACTUALLY thought I was on the upswing. As soon as Malka and I get home, however, I feel a bit more tired than usual, but figure it was because of Malka’s early wake up and Cougie’s Pukage on the bed that had me changing sheets at 5:30am, which thereby had me make the decision to just.stay.up. Ugh. But no. After her bath, bak-buk and bed, I took my temp with Quincy on my lap (with the EVER trusty old BBT thermometer from the ttc days – YES! It was still in the nightstand), and I figured I would be at, oh, say, 98 or 99, but uh, 101.1. So yeah, I have a fever, slight chills, a headache, goosebumps, a sore throat, a sometimes cough and no appetite, yet I’m hungry. Now seriously, this all ‘came down,”since I picked Malka up from daycare. (Where they did this AWESOME activity by making a shaving cream table, and all of the kids played and had a blast! – they took some pictures, and luckily, I had my camera with me today, so I took some pictures of the polaroids. They’ll be up on flickr soon!)

I’m sick of getting sick! When I was at NYU, I took ONE sick day in TWO YEARS. (I did have to use up a few “koff, koff” sick days for the Chagim, and a personal day or two to meet with Malka’s birthmom), but seriously? Since Malka’s started daycare in August, I’ve been sick a LOT. I’ve taken at least 2 sick days this year so far, and um, it’s only the beginning of March! OY is all I can say.

And Amy’s in town this weekend. From London! And she’s getting married in August, in Portland, and I’m a bridesmaid for the first time in my life! And I have to find a babysitter for Saturday night, because in my “Eemah brain,” I totally forgot that 2 months ago, we ‘casually ‘ mentioned drinks on Saturday the 17th (insert “I coulda hada V-8” icon here) So now, Malka’s primary babysitter isn’t available. And, and, and. I just want some soup and to go to bed.

One thought on “Here we go again…

  1. Kids make you sick, that’s for sure.

    When I worked in daycare I used to tell new hires that they should expect to be sick a lot in the first year as their body adjusted to all the new virus exposures.

    Well, it’s been more than a year now with this kid and I’m STILL getting used to all the new virus exposures. It just never ends.

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