Mostly it’s fine…

But sometimes it totally sucks to be the only person in the office. Like today. My fever’s back, I’m sick as a dog, it’s snowing out, I *should* be going to see my doctor, but there’s two “projects” that HAVE to get done today. So I just have to go in.


And um, after a small mayo clinic and Google image search, I’ve decided it’s either Mono, Strep or tonsillitis. Hopefully strep, as that will go away as soon as I start taking antibiotics. I’ll take a picture of my lovely spotted tonsils for anyone who’s an armchair diagnostician!

The Advil Cold and Sinus seems to be reducing the fever a bit, which makes a world of difference. Now if just the sore throat and general feeling of blah would dissipate, too.

On the upside, Malka’s babysitter called with a change of plans, so she IS now available tomorrow night. Phew. Maybe I’ll have a hot toddy when we go out tomorrow, that should help…

4 thoughts on “Mostly it’s fine…

  1. Bummer to hear you’re sick. Got chicken soup? Hot vodka & lemonade? It does seem that once the kids start daycare or school, the germs are unavoidable. Also, with the bitter cold weather, Myrt’s been taking GBabyZ to the “Germ Tree,” her term of endearment for the indoor playground at the mall 🙂 She keeps hand sanitizer with her and degerms him after every outing — so far, so good. I’ve had lots of luck (knock wood) this winter with Zicam and Airborne as preventatives. Not that that helps you now … and not that I ever need the excuse of a cold or flu for a hot toddy … Good luck & feel better soon!

  2. Sounds miserable, whatever it turns out to be. 😦 Hope you feel good enough to enjoy your night out – and I do think a hot toddy is in order.

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