15, 31, 33 hike!

Malka had her 15 month appointment today.

She weights 31 pounds. She is 33 inches long.

She is FINALLY “curving” on the charts, instead of just shooting straight up. Her doctor seemed SO much less concerned about her in every sense. Her fine and gross motor skills are in great shape, if not above the mark in some areas. She can point to her “Af,” (nose), “Ozen,” (ears), “and her “Peh,” (mouth), which is an 18 month milestone. She tries to jump, she climbs over and on everything, with a chipped tooth to prove it; but she doesn’t have words yet. Well, she does say “uh-oh!” after purposefully dropping something…

She does have, what the doctor refers to as: “receptive language,” which basically means that she understands what we say. If we ask her to bring her “sefer” (book) from the other room, she will. (when she’s in the mood to… mind you, she IS a toddler!) She is getting increasingly frustrated with her INability to talk, as she reaches and whines a lot. The big relief, however, is that her doctor isn’t concerned about her lack of words, as her ability to understand is the pivot point in cognitive development. She was pleased with all of her other skills and abilities, and is glad that Malka doesn’t mind the broccoli that I sneak into her (rice pasta) mac and cheese.

These bangles are from her Doda Amy, all the way from India. Malka was scared of them at first, shaking her head “NO!” That is, until she saw Amy shake them on HER wrist. Malka then HAD to shake them too. A wearable tambourine, who knew?

4 thoughts on “15, 31, 33 hike!

  1. Yay Malka!!
    that is a great report.

    question: how many languages are you using at home? I think that is pretty effing cool.


  2. awesome appt. shelli!! i’m so happy for you guys! i love the bangles! they are adorable on her! she’s getting so big and she is so beautiful!!

  3. so Cool!! The bracelets are pretty! Does her daycare use sign language? I know thats helped us alot with Ray 🙂

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