Sorry if this alienates anyone…

But do any of you who Kasher your kitchen for Pesach use tin foil to cover your counters?

And if so, HOW on G-d’s green earth do you keep it clean by day 6? I’ve washed, and wiped, but to no avail. It’s always SO pretty and shiny during the first few days – then the dull arrives. Should I just replace it? I’d hate to be that wasteful, but it may be my only hope…

Oh – and by the by, Malka LOVES my tsimmes – and um, let me tell you, she’s been MORE regular during Pesach than during other times. Hmmm, maybe it’s all of the prunes I put in my tsimmes… Or the fact that our Shmurah Matzoah is the OAT Shmurah Matzoah?

4 thoughts on “Sorry if this alienates anyone…

  1. Regarding aluminum foil… if you don’t do it already, in the future try the heavy duty foil. Cover your counters in 2 layers… then you can remove the outer layer as needed. You could still use the outer layer to cover food in the oven if you feel to wasteful. Another options is to go to a hotel that does Pesach for you! Clean up is much easier that way!

  2. mmmmm, a hotel!

    But with a toddler and 3 cats, it might be near impossible, alack and alas – I do like the “start with 2 layers to being with” idea, however…

    And Yes, Mrs.Abc mom – Gifted Gourmet from Flickr has all of our envy with her lucite counter tops!

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