No More Drive Throughs…

I promise to post about our wonderful weekend in DC with Natalie, Jen and Cait, but first, I want to urge you to go HERE.

Currently, many insurance companies are trying to push through Mastectomies as an OUT-PATIENT procedure.



So please, go sign this petition. I promise, it’s NOT an “NPR, sign your name and pass it on” deal – it’s an actual petition, where you sign your name and zip code.


3 thoughts on “No More Drive Throughs…

  1. You know, my medically necessary breast reduction was supposed to have been an outpatient procedure. Thank HEAVENS the hospital couldn’t reach my surgeon to get his okay to discharge me that night, and I got to spend the night at the hospital. I remember waking up during the night unable to sleep because of the pain, and the lovely nurse who came in and gave me a lovely dose of morphine in my IV.

    I cannot imagine the insensitivity of anyone who would try to make a mastectomy be an outpatient procedure. I’m off to sign the petition.

  2. I plan on having one in the next few years (the sooner the better) and it damn well better be an outpatient thing! I did the major reduction with tons of complications and still went home that night, and I fully intend to with a mastectomy (I’m working towards it financially right now, as I doubt I’ll luck out twice and get insurance coverage for it again). There was no need for me to stay the first time, there is no need for ME to stay the second time. I know plenty of women who have had mastectomies and gone home same day, and didn’t mind it. However, I think it should be a choice thing. Good God, we make women stay over night after giving birth, something that is not a medical situation or illness at all, we should at least let them stay a night after having their boobs taken off! I know I personally would not want to stay, but it someone DOES want to stay, they absolutely should be able to.

  3. I’m comming out of lurkdom to say, I had a hysterectomy… by style, about a month ago. In and out.

    It used to be a hospital stay for a week and home for 6 weeks, now its all laproscopy and only out of work for a week.

    I’m not sure if our breakthroughs in science are good or bad things.

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