Because I’m SO not 12 anymore…

Malka has suddenly become an adept expert at stairs. This was proven to me last night, at Shul, when she walked on over to the steps that lead from the main sanctuary, to the small children’s service room, and she simply held the hand rail and WALKED UP THE STEPS. I was plotzing! (and SO proud!)

So today, Malka and I went to the playground, and she was SOOOO happy to CLIMB! The slide steps! BY HERSELF! (I was right behind her, however…) When we got to the top, I held her, sat down myself, and we slid down together. I don’t think Malka could have smiled any bigger.

So the third time we go up, I sit down, but a bit too far to the right, and you see where those ‘safety rails’ end? Into the little lips that border the actual slide, so kids don’t go sliding off? Well my “not 12 anymore” self came down FULL weight on the lip to the right, and I felt that oddly painful, yet slightly enjoyable rush of adrenaline that accompanies a wound of force. And I continued to slide down with Malka, when all I wanted to do was hop down and yelp in pain.

We continued our day, went and saw mommy between shows, had a lovely dinner at Chipotle. Malka LOVES her some Chipotle! We went to that toy store with the backwards R, where, thanks to Natalie, and a left over $25.00 gift certificate from Malka’s birthday in December, we got TMX Elmo, which Narda says is OK, since he’s really a tall balck man.

When we got home, of course, Elmo had to make an appearance, and as it happened last time, hilarity ensued.

I took a moment to look in the mirror while Malka was laughing hysterically, and found a LOVELY souvenir from our adventures this afternoon – I’m sure the rainbow effect will increase as time goes on.

But it was a lovely day regardless, because I got to spend time with BOTH of my girls..

4 thoughts on “Because I’m SO not 12 anymore…

  1. Yes! I saw her climbing the stairs and wondered on Friday… I’d never seen her do that before, but I didn’t realize it was the first time! Congrats!!!

    And yes, Elmo is a 6-foot-tall blck guy who is naturally a baritone. HA. Apparently his daughter used to call home from college once in a while and say, “daddy, I need to talk to Elmo for a minute.” Hee hee.

  2. Well if you have to get a bruise… šŸ™‚

    may it heal quickly and you all have much more sliding fun to come.

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