Of peanut butter and bonk-a-boos.

IF peanut butter IS going to have a reaction…. How long does it take?

Narda is really keen on my introducing wheat to Malka now that warm, humid weather is approaching (better for her skin) to “test” if the wheat is REALLY an eczema trigger for her, or just something we were avoiding out of being overly cautious.

So we’ve been giving her a bit of wheat every now and then.

And she’s doing just fine – no eczema flare ups afterwards, etc.

So tonight, after Malka’s pulls a tantrum at daycare, you know, the arching back kind, and her teacher lost her grip and I HEARD Malka’s head go thunk into the floor (at least the part that had moderate carpeting) and she WAILED for ages, after almost 30 seconds of “the silent scream,” and oodles of cuddles, hugs and kisses, I decide to give her a treat after dinner; and I notice that Narda has some girl scout cookies in the fridge.

So I give her one

She’s in HEAVEN.

Two bites in, I realize – HOLY SHIT, IT’S THE PEANUT BUTTER ONES! I grab the cookie from her, and basically “pull an oreo” and lick all the peanut butter off and give it back to her.

This was at oh, 6:50 or so, and she went to bed at 7:15, and she has been fine. I gave her motrin for the head bonk, and a puff on her inhalor, “just in case.”

So IF she were going to have a reacton, it would have happened by now, right?

She’s peacefully sleeping, and of course, I’ll go check on her a GAZILLION times before I go to bed…

But I’m TOTALLY freaked out that I let her eat PEANUT BUTTER!


5 thoughts on “Of peanut butter and bonk-a-boos.

  1. I don’t know if this will comfort you or not, but…

    I didn’t have a reaction to peanut butter until my parents gave me natural pb.

  2. I think she would’ve reacted almost immediately…everyone I’ve ever known with peanut allergies etc. reacts within 5 minutes (some people as soon as they SMELL the stuff).

  3. Oh wow how scary! But like the pp’s I’m sure she would’ve had a reaction right away, but then again I don’t know first hand.

  4. She would haev reacted within the first hour or so – I’m sure since there have been more posts since – she is fine 🙂

    Just an FYI – if she had an allergy to PB – licking the cookie clean and giving it back to her would do no good. Most people with PB allergies can’t have anything that comes in contact w/peanuts.

  5. I agree, my step-daughter has a peanut allergy and one time had an immediate reaction to eating popcorn out of a bowl that had once contained peanuts. Looks like she can handle the peanut butter! Sorry you had a scary evening!

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