7 thoughts on “I got my top 3 wish

  1. Hello

    This isn’t about your post (mainly cause it is clearly about some reality tv program that is not screen over here is Australia) BUT knowing what a harry potter fan you are I thought you might like to see what we are doing on July 21! I am so excited – Thomas is going to be thrilled – I am having real problems keeping a secret.

    PS: We are doing the 8:00am version

  2. i love melinda, but i’m thinking it could be a blake and jordin finale. melinda and jordin are my faves..

  3. I like Melinda, but I see her career being like Clay’s – a big album or two and then fade away. It’s hard for a newcomer vocalist to catch the adult contemporary market.

  4. This week I didn’t really care which one of them left because none of the songs stood out, but I’ll miss Lakisha’s personality. I’ll be happy with either Melinda or Blake. Jordin is just too fresh and perky for my tastes.

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