Small stings burn longer sometimes…

I didn’t really think about it until later on today, well after Malka went to bed, and I started tidying up, placing the Mother’s Day card made “by Malka” on the table for Narda to see when she comes home tonight.

It’s REALLY cute, actually. Hand prints and Polaroid picture, glittery lettering done by the “teachers” at daycare.

When it was presented to me upon picking up Malka, Louise said: “I have something for you.” She presents me with this beautiful card “To Mommy.” All in gold glitter letters. It was really very sweet. I then said, “I’m Eemah.” And she said: “Well, it’s for both of you.” (or something like that).

I later realized that although Narda and I are treated equally at daycare, that the acknowledgement of who we are is kind of swept under the rug. The only teacher who made an effort to call me Malka’s Eemah was Suzanne, from the baby room.

Now granted, Malka is cared for, nurtured, changed, encouraged, and all of those things, and the fact that she has two moms isn’t all that big of a deal for them. So in reality, it’s a wonderful situation. It’s just that small step that would have been nice.

Because I AM her Eemah, and it would be great if other people could recognize it.

6 thoughts on “Small stings burn longer sometimes…

  1. Happy Eemah Day!!! At the elementary school where I am a teacher, we are having family day on June 1st- cards for everybody (with their correct titles, I am sure). More places should do this. The day care sounds like they do their job, but they could have been considerable more thoughtful…. xoxo to you guys

  2. Happy Eemah Eve, sweetie. Some people may just never get it – but Malka does. There is no DOUBT.

  3. Happy Day, Eemah! šŸ™‚

    For what it’s worth, our daycare has only just begun trying to get it straight that I’m “Mama” and DP is “Mommy,” and I think it’s because Liam’s just gotten to the point verbally where he’ll correct them. Before that, they were always great with our family, but called us both “Mommy”. Who knows, it might get better in a few months.


  4. Happy Eemah’s Day, Shell. This kind of thing makes me wince. I mean, really, if they’re going to accept our families, you’d think it wouldn’t be too much more of a stretch to learn to call us by the correct name.

    Getting back to you about your post on our blog… we’d LOVE some hand-me-downs from Malka!!! So kind of you both.

    Our email is

    If you email us I’ll give you our address.

  5. Happy Eemah’s Day!! šŸ™‚

    And, yeah, our daycare is the same. I am trying really hard to not let it bother me – but it truly does!

    Very well said!

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