She made me do it…

My dear Jennifer tagged me, and since the dishes need to be done, I figured I’d answer this instead!

“Seven Things You May Not Know About Me.”

Hmmm, I tend to share a LOT on this blog, so it’s going to be a bit tough, but here goes:

1) I spent a good chunk of my 20’s as a bulimic. I even had a “bulimia buddy.” This guy named Rob and I would go out to dinner, then excuse ourselves to our respective restrooms, come back to the table and exchange breath mints. (sick, sick, sick!) I look back at pictures of myself during that time, and I was thinner, but SO unhappy. I’m still working on some of my food issues, but I’ve been “purge free” for about 5 years now.

2) The main ringer on my cell phone is Copacabana, by Barry Manilow. I saw him in concert when I was in High School. With my parents. I LOVE me some Barry Manilow. ‘nuff said.

3) I had sex with a guy. It was my early 20’s, the “affair” lasted about 3 months or so. He was a friend from my theatre program in college. I didn’t want to be a lesbian, and tried to give the whole “straight thing” a shot. Needless to say…

4) I went to a community college for my first two years of college education. After I graduated High School, I lived in Israel for a year. At the time, I had still wanted to be an actress. The last 3 months there, I had an internship with the Beer-Sheva Theatre, and we took Comedy of Errors, the MUSICAL, in HEBREW around the country, and I was a general PA (production assistant). I fell in LOVE with technical theatre right then and there, came back to Portland for the summer, and went to Kingsborough Community College (I had auditioned for NYU, but they took one look at my academic record and pretty much laughed – I was WAY too busy doing theatre to focus on academics in High School). And then transferred to Hofstra after getting my Associates degree.

5) I was OBSESSED with the Movie: Escape To Witch Mountain. I recall being enthralled with the lead actor, Ike Eisenmann – I WANTED to be his ESP sister. I think I even pretended to HAVE ESP for a while after seeing the movie. I would tell friends that I would “know moments before” my mother would call me in for dinner. Looking back, I had a WILD imagination, and that’s just one of the bonuses of being an only child, I guess. I still get flashes of the movie in my mind on occasion, and I really think it played a huge part in my desire for a sibling when I was younger…

6) Bambi and Watership Down ruined me. To this day, I CANNOT and WILL NOT watch a movie where an animal is the main character. This includes Lassie, Old Yeller, Flicka, Flipper, Charlotte’s Web, you name it. I’m too afraid of them getting hurt. I don’t know WHAT I’ll do when Malka wants to go see movies like that – maybe Mommy Narda will have to take her, because I’d just be covering my eyes and hyperventilating the entire time.

7) I THINK I’m a good bowler, but I’m just OK. I was on the Broadway Show Bowling League for a while, but I mainly enjoyed bowling because it’s one of the few sports where you can drink AND smoke at the same time…

OK, I now tag the following people:

Miss S
Jen and Cait


8 thoughts on “She made me do it…

  1. Funny, I was just thinking about Escape To Witch Mountain the other day when I ran across an old copy at Blockbuster. I used to love that movie, and almost rented it, but wasn’t sure if it would be quite the same viewing it through grown-up eyes. Now I’m tempted to rent it anyhow.

  2. Watership Down destroyed me. I watched that & the cartoon Animal Farm in the 6th grade and it freaked my shit out. ahh!

  3. OMG OMG OMG If I had your cell number, I would have totally called you right now (in the middle of the work day) to talk about Witch Mountain. It was one of the most formative aspects of my youth. I used to read the book over and over in the bathtub. In all of my dreams (true, I have some gender issues anyway, but….) I was a boy named Tony. We named our cat Winky. I could go on and on.

  4. Tagged! good thing the little man is on holiday with the grands. I shall comply. Thanks for sharing. I was obsessed with Watership Down. Saw it possibly over 100 times on cable. (my parents did not edit tv viewing) It changed me.

    It is impossible to look at the bunnies on the Teletubbies without that subtext in my brain now.

  5. Watership Down is terrifying and heartbreaking.

    You’re a funny lady, btw. I found you via A Little Pregnant. If you get a chance, come give me a visit.

  6. Two things:

    First, in high school I babysat for a child whose favorite movie was, and I am not even kidding you, Old Yeller. She wanted to watch it weekly. And, while she watched, I sobbed. Crazy little girl!

    Secondly, I am also in a bowling league with some girls I went to UofO with. I look forward to bowling every week to drink good beer and catch up with my favorite girls while also feeling semi athletic. We refer to ourselves as “athletes” and don’t even feel a bit silly about it.

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