We are SO Kosher!

We are LEGALLY Malka’s Eemahot.

More to write, our judge was AWESOME.

I’m exhausted, having been up since 5am (see previous post…), and yes, I have to do the dishes.

You see, to answer Cali’s question, it appears that I’m always “doing” the dishes, because I typically do them towards the end of the evening. After I put Malka to bed, around 7:00 or so, the LOGICAL thing to do would be to do my chores FIRST, then chill out for the rest of the evening, right? But all I can do is plop on the sofa and chill for a bit, FIRST, as the Cheeky can WEAR an Eemah OUT!, then usually do my chores before I go to bed – that includes the dishes, cat litter, and tidying up. Sometimes, however, “the box” has pretty colors and sounds to lure me from duty…

So yes, pardon me, while I watch “Lost: The search For Answers,” and do the dishes during commercials…

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