Small Victories…

As you all know, I tend to worry (*just a smidge*…) about Malka’s development. Mostly about her talking, but I’m sure it’s all fine. but I still worry. Because, you know, I inherited that “Jewish Worry Gene” (JWG) from Bubbe, z”l, and I’m her Eemah, so of course I worry about every silly little thing.

In addition to English, I speak to her mostly in Hebrew, and we kind of do a half-assed sign with her, plus she gets a lot of Spanish at daycare, and also from her babysitter, “Tia Raquel” (one of her teachers at daycare).

So this morning, as we were hanging out in the living room, she stops dancing, gets “that face” on, and then… and then… and THEN! She SIGNS BATHROOM! All! on! her! own! And I ask is she’s making a poop. She shakes her head no, but continues to sign bathroom.

YEAH! Communication. it’s a “good thing.”

2 thoughts on “Small Victories…

  1. Shelli- You probably already know this, but babies who are raised bilingually have delayed initial language skills, but quickly catch up in *both* languages. I’m sorry I don’t remember what age they catch up by. They’ve shown it has no long range negative effects and is just part of learning 2 languages as primary languages. You’re doing Malka a huge favor by helping her hardwire her brain to pick up more languages easily in later life.

    In case you didn’t know, I thought it might help with the worry factor. 🙂


  2. I am glad K wrote that because I sort of knew it, but not enough to really write about it. So…yes. Soon she will be babbling in both languages like my adorable childhood neighbor who would point to our porch mobile and say “Look, Maman! It’s a canard!”

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