My running list of shit that pisses me off…

In my bag, I have a pen that I keep handy, and a Metro-North receipt that’s blank on the back.

When I think of, or encounter a randomly odd or disturbing thing, I write it down on the back of that little receipt.

Here’s my list:

-People that clip their nails in public – UGH – EWWW – GROSS – leave it in the bathroom, folks!

-People that talk LOUDLY on their cellphones in quiet places, and then look at YOU rudely when you seem annoyed.

-Next3l. Ugh. Enough said.

-When the cats INSIST on using the litter box the SECOND I clean it.

-Improper comma usage.

-Calling people “troops.” Um, they’re HUMAN BEINGS, not some random technological term. But if you feel better saying that there are currently 3500 dead TROOPS in Iraq, than so be it. Just KNOW that a troop is a PERSON.

What’s yours?

5 thoughts on “My running list of shit that pisses me off…

  1. One of my kitties got so impatient waiting for me to finish the quick scooping I was giving their box the other day that he peed on the floor RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I was rather pissed 🙂

  2. I remember when I was little I asked someone how many people made up a troop (I must have been thinking of a girl scout troop or something). I was told that a troop was one person. That confused the crap out of me.

  3. How about people who cut you off while driving then give you the finger – even though THEY were wrong in the first place… Then again, I am from NJ. 🙂

    Love the cell phone vent – I have enough issues on my own. I don’t need to hear anyone else’s!

  4. You don’t have enough time for me to bore you with the 1,987,982,982 things that bother me.

    I am a young curmudgeon.

  5. cell phones and that dumb walkie talkie crap phone bother the hell out of me too!
    I was trying to pee in the rest room the other day and some girl had her friend on speaker phone and the friend was freaking out, screaming and crying about her baby’s father. How annoying- I can’t even pee in peace! LOL.
    Oh and thats funny about the cat thing, they all do that. ME sometimes does that with her diapers- goes poop right after I changed it! argh!

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