Don’t let Malka’s naps linger past 3pm, or you are SCREWED.

It’s 7:12pm, and she’s not even “CIO,” it’s more like: “SIO,” Scream it out.


It’s kind of funny, though, because the kid is TIRED; so she fades out, kind of falls asleep, and then pipes in with: “OH! AND ANOTHER THING! LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE TIME I WAS PISSED OFF BECAUSE MY SIPPY CUP FELL OFF THE TRAY!” And then she calms down, and pipes up, etc.

And then she just SCREAMS – but it’s more because she can, and has recently learned that lovely behaviour. She KNOWS that I’m the “sucker Eemah,” more so than Narda, so she’s testing me – Narda won’t take that, so she calms down faster for her. Malka knows I’ll go get her, so I’m sitting by my resolve.


In the end, it’s all kind of funny, but in the moment? it SUCKS! She’s totally sleep trained, and even went down for her nap VERY well today, but then she napped 3 HOURS, and woke up at 4pm, so I should have known to get her up earlier, but um, I “rested my eyes” for a bit, and we BOTH woke up at 4pm.

Ahhhhh, her highness is asleep. 25 minutes, not bad.

4 thoughts on “SIO

  1. I *LOVE* how you describe this “OH! AND ANOTHER THING!” I miss having a baby SOOOOO much. Enjoy her!

  2. We are dealing with the very same thing right now and I too am the *sucker*

    Especially enjoyable is the coughing sob that ends a crying jag. So dramatic, so effective.

    25 minutes… not bad at all.


  3. LOL I wish my child went to bed that early. Bedtime can be like 9pm for her, but I try to get her to go to bed at 8:30 most of the time. (She also wakes up at 9am tho- and I come close to that!) I can’t let her sleep past 3:30. She has tried the crying bit but mommy’s too stubborn (& Daddy fears he will get in trouble if he’s a sucker)! So she plays in there instead.

    I am glad that in the end Malka went to sleep rather quickly (though 25 minutes can seem very long!)

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