A week of Smachot!

So, um, I can’t believe I forgot to tell all of y’alls!

First, Narda and I had a WONDERFUL night out, A DATE. As in – JUST US. It was SO lovely. We really need to go out and do stuff like that more often. Even though we talked about Malka much of the time, that was fine. We had a yummy dinner, some lovely wine, we went to one of the fun bars we went to about oh, 7 years ago when we first started dating, and then we walked around the West Village for a while, just holding hands.

Because you can do that downtown in NYC. Hold hands. It was SO nice. And the weather was perfect, so it was a lovely night out.

Secondly, um, TOMORROW?

Miss Malka Palka Pooka Palka goes to the Mikveh. At 9am. I’m going in with her. But I get to wear a swim suit. MP3? She gets the ULTIMATE dream come true – LOTS of water, and her nakey tush-tush! What’s really great about it? The Rabbi from the Shul where I work, AND the Rabbis from the Shul where we Daven will ALL be together, as part of her Beit Din. So this will truly be a joyous occasion.

4 thoughts on “A week of Smachot!

  1. Mazel Tov!
    Lucky Malka gets to dip in a nice, comfy mikvah…Squeak had to deal with a freezing cold river. Actually, he was fine after the dunk because he had fleece blankets to warm him. I, on the other hand, couldn’t feel my toes for an hour.

    And yay for CBST. I used to go there back when I was a Brooklynite.

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