More Squee!

I called Birth Mama V on the phone today. You know, her CELL phone. (Insert the sound of my thumping heart right here!) But it was GREAT.

And we’re going to see her on Sunday morning, July 1st. It will be our first meeting NOT at the agency – we’re just going to meet midtown and, you know, HANG OUT.

We’re SO excited and blessed to have this relationship with her. It’s SO important to us as a family that Malka not only know of, but actually KNOW her birthmom. And I could tell the excitement in V’s voice as well. So it’s good all around.

And now… we are in the process of composing a letter to our agency, letting them know that we want to go back “into pool” in March. I hope that the paper trail is shorter this time around, but I fear not – so we want a good head start on everything. Oh, and March has nothing to do with “spacing,” as we know it could take a week, or a year, or more, even. But more with the fact that Narda’s Bat Mitzvah is February 23rd, and she needs the time between now and then to prepare. And, add in the fact that as a Shul administrator, we are less than 3 months away from the High Holy Days, so my life is about to get very, very busy.

So, um, yeah – I had a fleeting thought about TTC again, but then realized that not only is focusing on me right now (ie: weight loss, Lexapro) much more important, but adopting is really, and truly such a beautiful experience, that we can’t wait to do it again.

12 thoughts on “More Squee!

  1. wow shelli! another baby! i’m so excited for you guys!!

    i’m almost sure i want another. i’m scared though. ttc is not easy. 3 kids is not easy. i think i’m more scared of the actual trying to get pregnant part than the being a good mother to 3 kids part.

  2. I agree that adoption is a beautiful experience. I also plan to go back into the pool come March when my little one turns a year. I am torn over ttc again or not myself. Congrats on the relationship with the birthmom. I was hoping to have some sort of relationship with C’s BM but she apparently isn’t even accepting my required monthly letters or pictures at this point.

  3. WOW! Lots of cool stuff going on with you guys. So excited about dipping your toes back into the pool.

    And totally forgive me if this is out of line, but I am just curious about your feelings about meeting up with V. Are you nervous at all??


  4. Wee! Congratulations on making that decision. I hope your journey is shorter and smoother this time around.

  5. That’s exciting! (Both the meeting, and the 2nd adoption decision.)

    You will be the first person I’ve been reading since you got baby #1, who is about to try for baby #2. Momentous.

  6. Woohoo – very exciting! And hope the July 1 meeting goes really well. I love that you are able to have this relationship with V.

  7. How can I not comment to this. My thoughts are with you as you and your family journey the road to adopting again. Congrats!

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