Why do they…

-Why do toddlers dump an entire cup of water on the floor, and then look baffled when they slip in the puddle made from the spilled H2O?

-Why do buses arrive in groups of 2 or more (aka, “bus bunching”) after NO bus for 20 minutes?

-Why does our President purport to “honor the sanctity of life,” by vetoing Stem Cell Research on Embryos, but then send young men and women off to die in war?

-Why does Malka want to sit on her new little potty and imitate Eemah ONLY for the fun of washing her hands afterwards?

-Why, if Shabbes is the “day of rest,” am I SO exhausted come Saturday evening?

5 thoughts on “Why do they…

  1. AH! The Portland Streetcar little reader board thing will seriously say, Next Streetcar Arriving in 14 and 16 minutes.

    It annoys the HECK out of me.

  2. Ah, the old bus question. Well, from the bus driver’s perspective, it’s because the first bus gets a little late because it stopped to pick people up and followed the traffic laws. Then, as the bus gets later, everyone thinks it’s the next bus and flags it down and cusses at the driver if they don’t stop. Meanwhile, bus #2 doesn’t have any passengers, so it cruises along until it catches up. You can just guess that bus #3 is going to have a heavy load and be late also. But seriously, some of those schedules are ridiculous. Even if I drove the speed limit and didn’t pick anyone up, I’d still be 5-6 minutes late at the end of the line.

    And Malka sounds like the perfect toddler.

  3. All very good questions…

    I’m not Jewish but your last questions made me wonder “do mother’s EVER get a day of rest? Even Jewish ones who observe Shabbes?” I guess if you really do, you’re exhausted at the end because you really need more than 1 day to rest…maybe a week of rest every month…to recover from being the mother of a toddler…hmmm

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