Car (cawo)
Ball (Baw)
Row Row (as in Row, row, row your boat)
All Done! (aw dun)
Bye Bye
Banana (babana)
Quincy (Kincee)
Vroom! (voom voom)
EiEiO! (Eio)

7 thoughts on “13

  1. Oh my gawrsh! Thanks, Jen – I can’t believe y’all are better at remembering my kid than we are!

  2. I remember reading somewhere awhile back about concerns about Malka’s expressive language. Now, granted, Kate spent a whole year listening to Spanish and is now mostly hearing English (w/some Spanish and French thrown in here and there, plus some sign) but she is only 2 months younger than Malka and is nowhere near saying all those words!! I’m not worried, though. She understands a lot and figures out a frightening amount. “Normal” is a wide continuum.

    Go, Malka, GO!

  3. I love hearing little kids say “Vroom vroom.” It’s so cute, that I used it in the last play I was in (pushing a tiny toy car across the stage and saying vroom! vrooooom!). Fun.

    Thanks for sharing the Malka love.

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