Finding the curve

So at Malka’s 18 month appointment today, we learned that she is perfectly healthy.

34 inches tall
32.8 pounds
48cm head circumference.

She is no longer making her own curve, and is following the national standards for health.

She can kick the ball, say about 13 words, (and some in Hebrew, but we aren’t sure…) She still signs, but her words are now replacing her signs.

She LOVES LOVES LOVES any and ALL fruit – including prunes and dates. She is not a fan of veggies, but doesn’t mind if they are mixed in her mac and cheese or mashed potatoes. She LOVES Mexican food. She loves smoothies, and yogurt. She is also a big fan of steel-cut oatmeal, and the Shabbes wine…

She runs like many toddlers, “head first,” and we are always afraid that she will crash into the sidewalk, but we stay half an arm’s length away, just in case, but still giving her “room to run.”

She is the joy of our lives, but man does she wear us out.

6 thoughts on “Finding the curve

  1. Let her tire me out any time!!!
    Seriously, what are y’all doing this shabbes? Picnic in the park on Saturday? *grin*

  2. that’s the size of an average 18-month-old?!
    our goddaughter, Niblet, is 26 months old (23 months adjusted for prematurity) and she’s about 26 pounds. and not 34″, though I’m not sure how tall…

    That’s a healthy girl, your MP3. πŸ™‚

  3. Yea Malka!! It sounds like you’re doing great. And congrats on the 13 words. Sounds just perfect!

  4. “Loves Mexican food” — alright Malka!

    Next time you guys are in our area just yell and we’ll get the 3 girls together for a little Mexican food feast. Just don’t get between Rose and Marie and their Mexican rice, you could lose an arm.

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