Instead of being subjected to yet another episode of Law and Order, we were I was skimming the channels and A&E had a HARRY POTTER SPECIAL! With SNEAK PEEKS of Movie Five!

I cannot wait!

As soon as I discovered it was on, I called S, and “Mr. S” answered the phone. He “knew” it was me…

Two days! And then just a few more until we know how it all ends. I’m excited and sad, all at the same time…

2 thoughts on “2 DAYS!

  1. I totally grok the excited and sad feelings coexisting. In a way, I can hardly wait until I have the book in my hands, and the 4-5 hours it will take me to read it have passed, and I know what happened. But then, it’s sad at the same time. No more wondering, no more speculations, no more what-ifs. I’ll know.

  2. Me too – I am itching to get my hands on the last book, but I’m so sad to see the series coming to an end. Not much longer now!

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