One thought on “Do you think this will be enough to occupy Malka on a cross-country

  1. We’ve done a plane ride and 2 8 hour road trips with Boogie (4 if you count 8 hours one way 6-8 back) and we always pack one over the shoulder suitcase just for toys,books,occupy my time stuff. Books are good for alot of time and anything he can look at by himself (without mommy having to turn around and get car sick) is primo! Leap frog leap pad (the one with the book you push the pics) and music CDs (instant listening ears when he’s finally fed up (“done mommy, done mommy, mommy no, done” with the sign language going along with it) but when we hit that point, we know we’re running out of time! Good luck!(yes, we always pack 1/2 the house too! How does one little 25lb being have 250 lbs of stuff!?)

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