Since it’s AFTER August 8th…

Potter. Harry. Hallows.

You may discuss.

I LOVED it. Cheesoid epilogue and all. I just thought the “here’s Harry and Hermione in the forest” sections dragged a bit.

I totally lost it at “Albus Severus.” Tears a plenty from there on out, ayup.

I have to re-read the entire series again, for sure, as I read Hallows SO dang fast, I’m sure I missed a lot.

2 thoughts on “Since it’s AFTER August 8th…

  1. I loved it too. I wish the epilogue had been longer (because I love the cheese)….I agree about the forest scenes, Albus Severus is whta finally got me, and I’m reading it again now :-).

  2. Dobby’s death did me in more than anything else. I loved this book. I think this one is my second favorite right behind the Goblet of Fire.

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