The worst one yet…

So yesterday, Malka and I were walking down 125th street, going into each and every possible store that MIGHT carry swim shoes for Malka, as she starts swim lessons tomorrow. Sadly, all stores have switched to “fall” merchandise. Ah well. I tried.

On our way home, simply walking down the street, someone called out to me: “Adoption?” I kept walking. They said it again: “Adoption?!” I kept walking. He said it again: “Adoption?!… Angelina!”

I kept walking.

And cried a little inside.

22 thoughts on “The worst one yet…

  1. Are you kidding me? Argh… no you are not kidding me. I am so sick of the ignorance and insensitivity of people out there. As you know I get my own share in different ways and it always bewilders me.
    I am so very sorry you have to go through it. :hugs:

  2. That is so strange, and rude, and so SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO out of line. “Hello? Mind your own business!”

  3. Huh??? What???

    What is wrong with people? Who does that? That makes my heart hurt. I’m so sorry you and Malka were subjected to that ignorance. Good for you for walking away. I don’t know that I would have been that strong.

    Try stride rite – they may still have swim shoes available. Also target dot com may also have them. I hope she loves swim lessons as much as Dylan.

  4. Shelli, my heart hurts for you. What a freaking idiot!

    I’m in Florida so I might be able to find water shoes for Malka. Email me what color (you know i have to go and match them to her bathing suit…lol….) and what size and I’ll go check out a few places…

  5. There are people out there who have the soul of cockroaches. And, unfortunately, they seem to survive like cockroaches… crawling out from their holes just to trigger our gag reflex.

    Ug. I’m so very sorry.

  6. ugh- I’m at a loss for words- all I can say is that you’re a better person than I, b/c I think I would have turned around and belted him in the gut. love to you, malka and narda

  7. Geez, I’m sorry and I know what you are going through. My little foster baby that we are hoping to adopt is black and the other day I got “Hey! Look that lady has a black baby…Dat your baby lady??” I smiled said yes and kept walking. I’m only 6 weeks into this whole new world but how much this color thing means to people just amazes me.

  8. You should have hollered back…….. Idiot?!….Bush!

    I had so many better words than Idiot to call him but you were in the company of your little girl…..LOL

  9. I think I would have looked at them and said, “Ah, so that’s what happens, when you’re parent’s don’t love you”, thanks, I am taking notes of what not to do!” and kept walking.

    I sometimes watch our niece on Dawn’s side, Jordan, people stare at me in amazement when I carry this child of dark skin around against mine of ivory, I see it more from the black community than I do the white actually.

    If we met each other in the dark we’d make more friends, don’t let them get to you, Malka loves you and that’s all that matters!


  10. That is absolutely nauseating. I just can’t fathom people like that.

    As for swim shoes, if you still haven’t found any I can totally hook you up. I just packed some up a few hours ago at work. Just drop me a comment if you’re interested.

  11. What the hell??? Oh man I am so hacked off just reading that. I can’t even imagine how badly you felt hearing it. I’m so sorry.

  12. what the….? that was incredibly insensitive of them! I’m sorry Shelli..but I agree with the fact that Malka loves you and Narda and so nothing else matters!
    funny note, we did find water shoes, bought them and promptly lost them somewhere between the store and the house !?!? sigh

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