Could you plotz from the cuteness?

holding hands
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I know that when one is not quite two years old, the concept of friends seems far off.

Malka is a very blessed soul, as she had many friends before she came into our lives, and she has developed many friendships along the way over the past 20 months, as well.

But there is something so extraordinarily unique about her relationship with Leary. They were in the baby room together, then the mini-tods room, and now Leary has moved on to the toddler room, but we all still have a playdate about once a week or so.

Many times, we have been told by others that they all sense a very special bond between these two kids.

We would agree, and are very lucky to have Leary and his wonderful parents in our lives. We all just love watching them together.

4 thoughts on “Could you plotz from the cuteness?

  1. That is an adorable picture! Its going to be even cuter as they get older and realize how long they’ve been friends.

  2. Awe. Love the pic. Love Malka and Leary. Must get the kids all together SOON! BTW, can’t believe Leary is downstairs now…so grown up of him.

  3. we don’t see ya’ll enough. let’s plan something very soon. the garden is green still and the mosquitos are better.


    she’s too cute.

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