A new take…

Narda and I are reading ALL of HP books again. For Narda – the first time, for me, time once again. It’s amazing to read all of the foreshadowing in Book 1, Philosophers Stone, that we then see more of in Book 7 – like ALL of the characters get a mention, we hear Dumbledore talk about death being the next great adventure, and we learn about the importance of wands.

And of course, a part of me just turns to mushy goo every time Snape enters the scene.

So I have NO idea how I found this little gem, but I share it with you – be warned. There is music. And you will laugh. Out Loud.


6 thoughts on “A new take…

  1. oh. my. that’s funny.
    but now i have that song in my head and, from experience, i know it’ll be there for weeks!

    and congrats for getting back in the adoption saddle. we’re thinking about using that agency next time around. but that’s a while from now.

  2. Hey, N and I are doing the same thing. She’s reading HP for the first time and I’m right on her coattails. Fun. Catching all sort of stuff (especially Dumbledore and the clues he gives and could have given) and feeling a lot more empathy for certain “too sexy” charaters.

    Oh, and in college I interned at your adoption agency working mostly in International Adoptions (I take minor credit for getting the Kazakstan program rolling!). Got to work the halloween and chanukah/christmas party. What a fantastic place!

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