*Update-w/pics* Brain Break, or "working on those UFO’s"

You know how we all have UFO’s (un-finished objects) in our closets? (Y’all DO, right?) Well, lately, I’ve been pulling out my sewing machine after Malka goes to bed. So far, I finally harvested the cat nip from the window sill, dried it, and crushed it, and made some new cat-nip pillows for the furry beasties (who were OH!SO!GRATEFUL!) And last night, I made a “slip cover” if you will, for Malka’s stroller. We LURVE our green Maclaren, but MAN! What were we thinking! They get dirty SO fast, we feel like we’re washing that cover every other day. So I made a simple slip cover for it, and now I’m cutting pieces for a simple quilt.

Maybe it’s the change of the weather, or needing to give my brain a rest from the crazy, busy days in the office, or something else, but it’s FUN! I’ve missed doing crafts, and it’s nice to get back in the swing of it all. Once this fabric phase wears off, I’ll probably dig into the scrap book pile. Because Malka’s only has 3 pages done. And um, she’ll be 2 in December. ACK.

2 thoughts on “*Update-w/pics* Brain Break, or "working on those UFO’s"

  1. The leaves have started changing here (every so slightly!) and it’s put me in mega project mode for the past two weeks. So far I’ve made Burtle’s kitties a cat tree and my kitties a litter box enclosure. Definitely itching to get the scrapbook stuff out!
    I love the kitty toys you made! They seem to be enjoying them quite a bit 🙂

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